Most popular family tours

Here you can find all of the most popular family tours in Iceland in one place! Need help deciding what is the best option for your family? don’t hesitate to send us an email or check out our family itineraries and get all the best tips and tricks from local parents!

Frequently asked questions


How far in advance do I need to book a tour?

We would recommend booking your tours as soon as possible. They can get fully booked very quickly. Especially in the summer months.

Are there any age restriction on tours?

Some of our tours do have an age restriction policy, so I suggest you read well over the information about the tours and then book the one that suits you. If you have any questions or can’t find a tour suited for your kids please send us an email.

How do I cancel a booking and can I cancel my tour at any time?

A cancellation must be sent to in writing, and needs to be confirmed by Iceland with kids in order to be valid. You can cancel at any time but most travel companies we work with won’t refund you if you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the tours, unless the tour companies themselves cancel because of bad weather, then you’ll be fully refunded. You can see our refund policy HERE which is in line with all of the companies we work with.

Are all tours on your website operated by Iceland with Kids?

No, not all tours offered are operated by Iceland with kids. Iceland with kids works with local experts all around Iceland. So, some of our tours will be operated by a qualified and vetted third-party supplier.

What is the cost of a family trip to Iceland?

Iceland is known for being an expensive destination and helping all of our clients has given us a good sense of the average Iceland trip cost for families. 

Here is an avarage budget breakdown for a family of four (two adults and two kids):

Category Cost
Airfare $1200
Accommodations $1750
Transportation $1000
Food $1225
Tours & Activities $1393
Total $6568

To save money I recommend checking out the nearest grocery stores and prepare food to eat on the road. You could camp or find a cheaper Airbnb apartment for your family instead of staying at hotels. I also highly recommend booking everything sooner rather than later to save money.

What to do in Reykjavík with kids?

There are tons of kid friendly things to do in Reykjavík city! Reykjavík is a very safe city with exciting museums, activities and many things to explore! Check out our selection of Reykjavík Tours with kids and our blog about things to do with your kids in Reykjavík for fun ideas.

How do your family itineraries work?

Our family itineraries are perfect for those who need help with planning a trip to Iceland with their family. As a local mother of two I know all the best tips and tricks when it comes to planning the perfect family holiday in Iceland!

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out the form here
  • Once that is complete, I will get back to you and start working on your perfect family holiday!
  • After the planning is completed (allow 4-6 weeks for processing), I will send you your custom itinerary, personalized map, and any other helpful documents you would need to make your vacation seamless!