5 things to do with your kids in Reykjavík

There are tons of kid friendly things to do in Reykjavík city! Reykjavík is a very safe city with exciting museums, activities and many things to explore!

reykjavík hallgrímskirkja, Iceland with kids

1. Go to the top of Hallgrímskirkja Church

Hallgrímskirkja church is one of the most popular attractions in Reykjavík. the church is visible from almost every angle of the city so it’s very hard to miss it! It’s a fun place to take kids to since you can go all the way up to the tower and see a 360°view over Reykjavík. There is a small entry fee to the top of the church, 7 USD for adults, less than 1 USD for children aged 7-14 and free for younger children.

    2. Visit a kid-freindly swimming pool

    Icelanders love their swimming pools and it’s a very “icelandic” thing to do. It is also a very kid-friendly activity, my kids looove to play in the water. Here are some kid friendly swimming pools in Reykjavík:

    • Laugardalslaug
      • Located in Laugardalur. One of the most visited areas in Reykjavík. Nearby is Iceland’s biggest family park and zoo.
    • Lágafellslaug
      • Perfect for younger kids and also fun for older kids. The pool has a great indoor area and fun water slides.
    • Árbæjarlaug
      • Also perfect for younger kids. In Iceland they teach infant swimming lessons in the indoor pool at Árbæjarlaug. 
    • Grafarvogslaug
      • At Grafarvogslaug are two big water slides that older kids love. One of them has disco lights inside the tunnel.

    lágafellslaug kid friendly swimming pool Iceland

    3. Visit the Zoo or a Farm!

    Húsdýragarðurinn – Family Park and Zoo

    The biggest Family Park & Zoo is located in Laugardalur, Reykjavík. It offers great fun all year round. The zoo has Icelandic farm animals, arctic foxes, reindeer’s and seals! There is also a fun playground area in the Park where you can have fun all day – though some of the playground equipment’s are not available during winter because of weather. 

    húsdýragarðurinn icelandic family park and zoo

    Hraðastaðir Farm

    Hradastadir Farm is a family-owned farm 20 minutes from Reykjavík. There you can experience Icelandic farm life, go horseback riding, and pet farm animals. The Farm is only open for visitors from May to August.

    4. Visit a kid-friendly museum!

    In Reykjavík there are numerous museums and exhibitions to experience with your family! 

    Perlan Museum

    Wonders of Iceland is an amazing expedition where you can see, feel, and live Iceland’s many natural wonders all in one place. Whether it’s a volcano, glacier, northern lights or a birds cliff – Perlan has it all. Free admission for kids under 5 years old.

    Whales of Iceland

    Whales of Iceland is the largest whale exhibition in Europe where you’ll see life-size models of 23 whale species that have been seen in Icelandic waters. It’s a very kids-friendly museum where the kids can run around, climb and play. Free admission for kids under 7 years old.

    whales of Iceland kid friendly museum Iceland Reykjavík

    Saga Museum

    This is a great museum for kids who love Vikings and history. Here you’ll find lifelike figures from the Icelandic sagas and best of all, you can dress up in your own Viking garb and become part of the story!

    whales of Iceland kid friendly museum Iceland Reykjavík

    Maritime Museum

    So much fun and great for all ages! Here the saga of fishing in Iceland really comes alive with interactive displays and a lot to do. You can even get your picture done so it looks like you were in a fishing boat. There is a play area for younger kids at the end .

    maritime museum kid friendly museum Iceland Reykjavík

    5. Go Whale Watching or Puffin watching

    You don’t have to go far to see whales and puffins in Iceland! At Faxaflói bay where Reykjavík is located are lots of different kinds of whales to see. There is also an island located in Faxaflói Bay that is called Lundey or “Puffin Island” because of the amount if puffins that nest there from May to August. To see these animals you have to book a tour from Reykjavík Harbour, below I’ve linked some kid-friendly tours. 

    Ready to plan your trip to Iceland?

    You can find all of my tips and trick in my guides and itineraries! Including all the kid-friendly secret places around Iceland! Please contact me if you need any help with the planning!

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